spring is for new beginnings

the spring feels fresh and bright and like a good time to start anew.

what new things i’ve done so far this spring:

(1) bought into a new technological adventure (read: ipad 2, read: tax refund.)

(2) took my first online course and it’s been amazeballs. the price is unbelievably affordable. the teacher is unbelievably generous with her time and comments. it’s been worth every penny.

(3) tried a new beer. sam adams whitewater IPA. delish.

(4) was the primary caregiver for a(n almost) 2yo for three days while her parents were in the hospital being introduced to their newest offspring. holy exhausting! i bow down to mothers everywhere. raising kids is no joke. not that i thought it was, but nap time never been so necessary before.

what new things have YOU done so far this spring?

12 thoughts on “spring is for new beginnings”

  1. I started following your blog! Its about time, I know. But you know I’ve always been a bit slow. I’m loving it, though!

    1. now THAT is a new thing i can get behind. thank you! and welcome.

      oh geez, does this mean i’ll have to up the intelligence factor now that i’ve got a PhD following me? :)

      1. Ummm… Did you miss the part where I said I’m slow? Please keep it as dumbed down as possible for me!

        1. i read that comment as you’re slow physically, like it took you years to walk over to your computer, type in abigailmumford.com and hit enter, NOT that you were mentally slow. but then again, you did run track in h.s. so you’re not physically slow either.

          you speak LIES. all LIES.

    1. *extra week granted*

      perhaps we can learn how to use them together. i confess, i didn’t realize how very droid oriented my brain was. i keep pushing all the wrong apple buttons!

    1. aliens?!?!!? this is a very cool new thing and once it’s a done thing, it better be coming my way. *hint hint*

  2. You’ve been busy! Taking care of 2yo is definitely exhausting — I’m sure it was much appreciated by 2yo’s parents. :)

    So, how do you like the iPad 2 so far?

    1. yes, march has been slightly insane, but wildly productive.

      the ipad 2 is complex! especially when compared to the fact i’m used to the android system. it’s a whole new way of thinking, which i totally didn’t expect.

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