bag lady

i unloaded my groceries one by one onto the conveyer belt, sorting them into piles of like kinded products. i threw my cloth bags on top and raced over to the “oral care” aisle to grab the toothpaste i had, until that moment, forgotten i needed.

i hustled back and the man who had been in front of me was still paying.


i hadn’t kept anyone waiting.

before the cashier started to ring up my purchases, she grabbed my bags off the top of the pile.

her: hey, i know this bag.

me: *grins*

and just like that, i’m a regular. it only took 8 years and visiting this cashier’s aisle two times. (we had an in depth conversation about one of my reusable grocery bags during that first visit.)

all i have to say is someone should give that girl a promotion because she sure knows how to make her customers feel important. (what? it’s always been a dream of mine to be a regular somewhere. my presence never seems to stick at bars, so i’ll take what i can get. thank you, my wegman’s bag, for making me a recognized customer at one of your competition’s stores!)

p.s. for those keen eyed readers, you’ll notice this post is reminiscent of my “conversations with strangers” series, and yet, that’s not the title of this. why? BECAUSE I’M NOT A STRANGER ANYMORE. woohoo! (hmm, maybe i should have asked for the cashier’s name, so she’s not a stranger anymore either. oops, my bad.)

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6 thoughts on “bag lady”

    1. a new series? about me being a bag lady? uhhh, is there something you need to tell me?

      in other news, yes, isn’t it the best bag? i adore it. i think there’s also a red tomato bag, but i just have the purple grapes one.

    1. I’ve actually only been to wegman’s twice in my life, as they’re aren’t any near me in MA. Rumor has it there will be one soon and I can’t wait!

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