after exerciser

during one of the many tangents us book hungry gals get on, kelly and i were talking about exercising and how we don’t necessarily like the act of exercising, but we LOVE the endorphin rush once we’re done.

which got me thinking about writing.

(i know, i know. i’ve been thinking about writing more than i’ve actually been writing.) (wow, look at me, i’m procrastinating!) (can you believe it, mom?)

if i’m a person who gets a rush AFTER THE FACT, how am i supposed to get that from writing? i mean, there’s a lot of time involved before one reaches THE END. more time than a marathon, so how can i sustain that level of intensity without any reward?

how do YOU do it?

(tee hee)

how do you sustain a certain level of productivity when it’s nearly impossible to see the finish line?

6 thoughts on “after exerciser”

  1. 1. LOVE that picture. can I have him?
    2. there is nothing i love more than spending an hour with Norm (my personal trainer/NordicTrack treadmill) while watching Supernatural reruns.
    3. I get my best ideas when I’m in the throes of an exercise induced endorphin rush. I want to jump right off the treadmill and start write, write, WRITING. I’ve worked out many a problem scene that way
    4. allelse failes. play with the dog or cat. animals just make everything better. i’m just saying.

    1. 1. If I knew who he was, I’d introduce you.
      2. 3. I’ve never tried writing immediately after exercise. This is an intriguing idea. It also makes me want to get one of those treadmill desks. Writing while exercising… Perhaps that’d work even better!
      4. Uh, pets? Have you met me?

    1. i am NOT a fan of pull ups, but i am a fan of push ups. i love that such a simple exercise uses so many muscles and you don’t even need any equipment other than your desire and motivation.

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