dear sugar

today’s the day cheryl strayed’s new book TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS is released into the world.

although, technically, it’s been out there for years now, as this is a compilation of letters from her advice column on the rumpus. i’ve never read an author who is so fearless, so generous, so brave, so compassionate, so gentle, so always says the right thing, or so humble.

you all need to read at least one of her columns. here are some of my favorites to start:

if you’re a writer: #48

how to say i love you: #41

how you get unstuck: #44

on parenting: #74

and that’s just a small sampling of the genius that is cheryl strayed as sugar.

her first column was #27 and it continues today (albeit at a much slower pace since she’s in the middle of a whirlwind with her best selling non-fiction title, WILD) through #98. before column #97, she wrote it anonymously. for two years she gave her heart and soul to those who wrote in, and since her big reveal, she still gives her heart and soul to those who write in. we just now know her as cheryl instead of sugar.

take a moment, read at least one column because you know what?

we are all sugar.

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2 thoughts on “dear sugar”

  1. Goosebumps, goosebumps!!! I am so thrilled she is finally getting the recognition she deserves!

    I have actually not read #41, but decided to save it :) Book first, then go back and reread the rest of the columns :)

    1. when i was picking out a few columns to highlight, i thought it was weird that most were in the 40’s. not weird, really, just odd. anyways, YES, the book! i can’t wait!

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