kids and books

(1) this is the way baby mac reads.

look at that posture! only someone totally absorbed by a story could strike that pose.

(2) this is the way my other niece, MMM, reads now.

(3) this is the way she began.

(4) this is the way MMM and i read together.

(5) this is the way my nephew L reads and shares and smiles.

nephew L is on the right.

(6) and this is the way i started reading. (the lack of joy on my face is, i can only presume, because i was annoyed at having my reading time interrupted.)

those straight legs! that straight back! what i wouldn’t give to be able to strike that pose now. (i can’t even touch my toes.)

how did YOU start reading? or, simply, what makes YOU smile?

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6 thoughts on “kids and books”

    1. the picture of baby mac arrived this week and i couldn’t stop laughing. i knew i had to share it. and then my sis-in-law M complied and sent me some other pics of her kids and books. i’m so glad reading runs in my family!

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