convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #37

i’m talking with some strangers … here’s why,

as i was filling my cup with coke, i looked to the side to plot out my next course of action: grab a top, a straw, and some napkins when all of a sudden, the coke decided to act like champagne and bubble out everywhere. i put the cup on the drain while it continued its fizzy thing so i could clean up the spillage on the counter and on my hand/arm. a woman was sort of hovering nearby.

me: oh, sorry. am i in your way?

her: don’t worry about it. i’m in no hurry.

me: *continues cleaning* *refills cup without spilling* *moves off to the side to organize self + put top and straw on the cup*

a girl, the daughter of the woman i previously apologized to,  siddled up to the fountain beverage machine and filled her cup with coke and wouldn’t you know it? her drink did the same thing as mine.

me: i’m glad to know i’m not the only one that happened to.

girl: *laughs* *cleans*

her: that coke is foamy!  i should have warned you. i saw it happen to her. *looks over at me*

i can’t help it if people learn from my mistakes, but refuse to pass along that knowledge, so i just nodded goodbye.

that coke was worth all the stickiness on my arm because once i stepped out into the simmering heat, it tasted even more glorious than usual.

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4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #37”

  1. I was so distracted while reading this, because I kept trying to figure out where you were :)
    So, 37 conversations with strangers! That’s quite something. You should have a party when you reach 50!

    1. if i said i went to CVS and PSB too, i’m pretty sure you barely need one guess as to where i was.

      and yes, good point. at 50, i should do something special. (which would probably freak out the stranger i’m talking to!)

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