8 thoughts on “five rings”

  1. Me too!! I don’t get to watch much since the baby and bubba macs would just stare at the screen if I have it on when they are awake but I am online checking results as often as I can!! Go USA!!!

    1. but it’s so cultural! and wonderful! okay, fine, it’s not a good idea to burn the babies mac’s retinas.

  2. Olympics FTW!! Did you pick a sport you’d have liked to have competed in, if, you know, you were to have competed in the Olympics? The rhythmic gymnastics IS very pretty!!!

    1. i’d probably want to compete in one of the most watched sports, like swimming or gymnastics or diving or, well, one i could win, like archery! (ha, right. i was really good at camp when i was in middle school. no idea how i’d fare against olympians.)

    1. i trust you watched last night (women’s gymnastics team final + phelps’s 18th and 19th medals)?!? BIG night for USA. :)

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