convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #40

i’m still attempting to talk to strangers … details on why.

it was a sunday afternoon and i was enjoying the benefits of a casual weekend dress code, i.e. i was wearing workout clothes since i had just done a neighborhood run ending at the grocery store which was next on my weekend to do list.

the line for the checkout was long and the cashier was quite chatty with each customer, but i was in no particular hurry.

the woman in front of me (to cashier): my, you’re a wonderful salesman.

cashier: *beams* thank you. i try.

off she went and on went my groceries to be scanned.

cashier (to me): hi. how are you?

me: *noticed he’s still beaming from previous customer’s compliment* i’m good. you?

cashier: fine, thanks.

he made some general remarks about my food purchases, but the rest of the transaction was smooth and painless. as i was loading up the bags onto my arms in preparation for the walk home, he flung out one last comment.

cashier: i just noticed your shirt. are you going professional?

me: *looks at t-shirt logo which says BWLA (boston women’s lacrosse association)* oh, no, this is from a summer pick up league. besides, there isn’t such a thing as professional women’s lacrosse.

cashier: oh, huh. well, could have fooled me.

me: *smiles* thanks!

cashier: have a good day.

me: thanks, you too.

off i went, bogged down by my weekly groceries and my sweaty workout clothes, not feeling particularly professional about anything, but delighted because someone thought i was.

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4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #40”

    1. it would be great in theory, but in reality, it probably wouldn’t get much TV time (like ESPN 45 or something) because every non-player i’ve talked to about it says watching the women’s game is incredibly confusing. i’m inclined to agree. oh well, pick up leagues FTW!

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