let the spills begin

i love this commercial. (yeah, words i didn’t think i’d ever utter.) i don’t think it’s the fact it’s about the olympics, but rather about the rough and tumble beginnings we all make (made) as kids (adults) at the start of our dreams.

what i take away from this is that it’s important to keep in mind that whenever we start something new, whether it’s a book, a building project, a painting, running or whatever you’re interested in, we are all beginners. no matter how old you are.

and that’s okay.

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8 thoughts on “let the spills begin”

  1. Such a great reminder! I get so frustrated with myself when I am not the best I can possibly be at something but often it just takes time for me to learn it and then it becomes easier and my frustrations lessen. Definitely been feeling this a few ones recently do thanks for the reminder to give myself time to learn :)

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