convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #43

strangers? why i’m talking to them.

laundry day equaled three loads of laundry and lots of time at the laundromat. the fall afternoon was stunning in its quiet nature and promise of cooler temperatures. i had just pulled a scarf out of the dryer and wrapped it around my neck, as the sun didn’t reach the bench i was sitting on.

now all sorts of snuggly, i re-opened my book and was a few pages in when i heard a slight crash / minor commotion at the window. i turned to look inside, but all i could see was the reflection of the house across the street. everything calmed down and so i returned to the book.

a girl walked out with her hands cupped around one another.

her: a dragonfly! i’ve got a dragonfly in my hands!

me: *smiles* *thinks to self, ah ha, that’s what that noise was. she was trapping the dragonfly against the window, catching it so she could set it free.* *has no words for this* *smiles again*

she saved the dragonfly from the laundromat, an odd juxtaposition of wild and domesticity. i sure wished i could fly away from the mounds of laundry that needed to be folded.

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6 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #43”

    1. i could think of about 10 other stories i’d rather hear at the laundromat….or that would get me to go to the laundromat more happily than when i was just there. ha.

    1. valid point, however, the excitement in her voice at having a dragonfly in her hands made me think she was saving the dragonfly. are they dangerous?

  1. laundry is my least favorite chore…well, not so much the washing as the folding and putting away. so i feel your pain.

    good for the girl who was setting the dragonfly free instead of trying to murder it :)

    1. my natural reaction when it comes to bugs is to grab a wad of tissues and smush. i don’t know what i would have done when faced with a dragonfly. probably just moved away from it. but you’re right, it sure doesn’t help the laundry situation.

      my favorite part about laundry is once it’s clean and out of the dryer — it smells so good! it makes the folding more bearable because the scent is so heavenly.

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