at work

because we’re all so busy bringing home the bacon, we don’t often get a chance to see/experience/understand what our acquaintances, coworkers, friends, or family  members do from 9-5 (or however long it takes to get the job done).

ranging from author readings to rock concerts to educational seminars, i’ve had many opportunities recently to see professionals at work, to peek around the curtain, to learn what goes on behind the scenes or more importantly, within their minds.

the biggest cases i’ve seen recently have been (1) a coworker who spoke on a panel i happened to be in charge of where he put his fast thinking and worldly brain on display and (2) an acquaintance who, in person, is a humble, funny, generous, and kind person but at work is a total rock star.


to have the opportunity to see those at the top of their game in their element live and unfiltered but to know of the hard work, tenacity, and discipline it took to get there was a lesson i didn’t see coming. i mean, i was outside of a classroom! there wasn’t just one teacher and there wasn’t just one demonstration to illustrate the point. the two events weren’t even related or in the same week! holy learning curve!

fortunately, my mind made the connection (hard work, patience, practice, research, enthusiasm, and curiosity will lead you to the top whether you’re in the office or on stage or on the field or online) and i had a new wrinkle for my brain.

now if only i could answer the question of “what does your dad do [at work]?”

for the record, i usually say “something with numbers.”

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4 thoughts on “at work”

    1. “A transponster! He’s a transponster!”

      “That’s not even a word!”

      One of my favorite FRIENDS episodes! I wish that’s what my dad did. Perhaps this post will inspire him to actually comment and tell me what he does. Ha.

  1. I think you’ve cracked the code! Patience is the hardest to master…*sigh* I’m still working on that one.

    And I’m LOLing at “transponster.” Sounds like a perfectly good profession to me. ;)

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