fall break

speaking of seeing professionals in their natural work habitat, sister E had a chance to see me in my home habitat. she had two days off for her collegiate fall break and parents who were willing to book her a flight, and so, she arrived. she’s been to boston lots of times, but always with a car full of family members.

this time, it was just her and me.

she got to see the (not so glamorous) two room studio i rent, and walk the neighborhood trails i frequent, and buy books from my mecca, and eat the (not so glamorous) meals i cook, and freeze in the apartment with the broken furnace and see what real life landlords are like (slow), and watch the first season of the oh so addictive DOWNTON ABBEY, and face time with sister J and baby and bubba mac, and go to the local college’s football game, and mesh in with the food truck throwdown crowds, and take public transportation, and see, really see how it is to live post-college.

but more importantly, i got to meet the adult version of sister E.

when i left for boston, she was 11 and sometimes my brain gets trapped and forgets she’s not a wee little thing anymore. i’ve heard stories that she gets to class and practice and meals on time, but i’ve never experienced it. i’ve been told she studies and gets good grades and pays for her own gasoline, but i’ve never witnessed it. i’ve been aware that she can pack her own bag and travel, but i’ve never been the final destination.

this time, she was participating in conversations and starting her own and even showing off her new found psych knowledge. she made plans with a friend and hung with him until it was time to meet me after work. she pulled out the credit card at the movies and paid for my ticket (um, thanks mom and dad). we cooked and cleaned and talked and laughed and read and talked some more. like sisters. like friends. like equals.

like the adults we are (or pretend to be).

but, it was good to find out when it came down to it, she still knew how to be silly…

sisters + face time
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6 thoughts on “fall break”

  1. Aw, that’s wonderful. I love how sibling relationships evolve. For instance, my middle brother and I can now be in the same room without hitting each other. Now, that’s progress! *grin*

    1. i love sibling relationships in general. they’re so fascinating. and yes, i’d say you and your middle brother are making wonderful progress. before too much longer, you may even be able to loan him a cup of sugar. :)

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