convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #45

talking to strangers? here’s why.

i had just settled into the hard plastic seat when the mechanic stuck his head into the waiting room.

him: you don’t have the chrysler anymore?

me: *thinks, first car was the performance edition, chrysler. second, current car, is cirrus, chyrsler* *pokes head into garage* *sees shiny chrysler logo on the side of the car facing us* *points to it* that is the chrysler.

him: oh. right. i thought it was a dodge neon.

me: *smiles* *thinks, a mechanic not recognizing a car? isn’t that like my hair dresser asking me if my hair color is real? (it is)* *wonders if i could get a discount for being so smart* *settles back in to wait*

20 minutes later.

him: abigail, your car is all set. that’ll be $$$$$.

me: *sighs* thanks.

him: i didn’t realize your car was a ’99.

me: yup. it is.

him: you’ve got really low mileage on it.

me: before me, it was owned by a family friend’s grandmother, and i probably drive it as much as she did.

him: it’s got some pep in it. when i drove it out [of the garage], it zoomed.

me: *smiles* *thinks, if you thought this car had pep, you should have seen the performance edition* *pour one out for the performance edition. what a great car that was!*

him: well, just keep doing what you’re doing and this should last you 150K to 200K miles.

me: at the rate i’m going (it has 53K miles on it), i’ll have this car until i’m retired.

him: not a bad idea. you have a good night.

me: thanks. you too.

and with that, i (the one who graduated high school in ’99) walked over to my freshly oiled car (who was born in ’99) and drove off into the sunset. seriously. it appears we’re going to have a long life together.

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8 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #45”

        1. it looks like we need a brainstorming session then because all i can come up with is squeaky, which is a more appropriate name for a mouse :\

  1. keep playing nice with your car and she will be good to you. me, on the other hand, i have a demon car who hates me. i named her Ruby because she’s red, but now, I’m thinking she’s Ruby as in demon Ruby from Supernatural. In the beginning, Ruby is good and we thinks she’s on our side…then we find out what a manipulative bitch she really is. yep, that’s my car. Ruby. Demon.

    1. i’m officially surprised your demon car hates you. doesn’t she know you’re the boss and that you originate from the 7th circle of hell. she should show some respect.

      what’s that kelly always says? “uh, karla, your horns are showing.” ;)

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