hurricane sandy

after watching ALL the news reports and predictions, sandy has arrived and it’s no longer a waiting or guessing game. it’s a watch and see and hide in your bedroom sort of thing.

so far, i’ve discovered:

(1) my bathroom window leaks.

(2) so does my living room window.

(3) my upstairs neighbors drop a lot of things. each time they do, my entire apartment shakes.

(4) there will always be people who confuse bravery with stupidity. in this case, it’s the college kids who live next door and who went whooping down the street just as the storm was picking up.

(5) ONCE UPON A TIME is a great show to take my mind off the storm raging outside. thank you, netflix instant.

(6) regular text messages from family and friends also do the dirty work of calming down my overactive imagination.

(7) the threat of the loss of power showed me just how much we all rely on technology and electricity. it’s scary.

mother nature is not someone to underestimate. i hope sandy didn’t mess with you all too much!

4 thoughts on “hurricane sandy”

  1. So glad you’re okay! We survived, too, with only a few leaks in the basement, and around a few windows where the wind blew some water in. Not too bad, considering an oak tree blew over onto the house behind us. We go off easy.

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