ears vs. eyes

in the midst of all the writing i’ve been doing this month, i’ve also done a fair amount of reading, correction: listening.

i was first introduced to audiobooks by my parents during long drives to visit this relative or that one. i was re-introduced to them when i started making my own long drives to/from boston. it’s an odd thing, these audiobooks, because i tend to look for different things in an audiobook than i normally do for one i’m going to read.

it’s my ears vs. my eyes.

usually, my ears like fast paced action packed novels because they deliver tension and intrigue and it’s helpful in keeping this driver alert. my eyes on the other hand also like that type of book, but they can handle slower paced things, more lyrical, more sensual, more fantastical.

and then there’s maggie stiefvater and THE SCORPIO RACES (which has quickly become one of my favorite all time books ever). it’s a pure delight in both forms.

and so when her newest book THE RAVEN BOYS came out this fall, i was eager to dive into it. it’s the start of a planned four book series and as such the depth of the book is intense and the pace is rather slow, as is worthy of a book setting up a new world and all the characters involved.

i had a hard time getting into it.

until adriana said she was listening to and loving the audiobook. i decided to give it a try and for whatever reason, it clicked. “reading” the book in this audible medium changed my perspective. the pace isn’t slow, it’s creepy and winding and lingering and just right. the depth of the book felt like uncharted scuba diving territory instead of drowning.

the narrator’s voice makes the characters come alive, feel closer, and fill your head.

i’m in heaven.

it’s also given me time to get my “reading” in at different points (aka walking around town) than normal because this month isn’t normal and i don’t have much free time but i also can’t do without reading for an entire month. this way, i’m having my cake and eating it too.

and so with maggie’s words filling my ears and rolling around in my head, it’s made my own words and stories smarter, better, more exotic. thank you, maggie for your wonderful imagination. thank you, adriana for suggesting the audiobook. thank you, will patton, the amazing narrator of THE RAVEN BOYS.

have you ever read a book and not liked it, but then gone to another medium (movie or audiobook) and liked it? or vice versa? if you like a book, do you like it in all forms or are your tastes more specific? how are you today? (i’m just trying to poke you all into commenting. say anything! say nothing other than hi. or good luck or whatever floats your boat. we’re all aiming for high word counts this month. ha.)

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8 thoughts on “ears vs. eyes”

  1. This is really fascinating! I don’t often listen to recorded books, and I’ve never listened to one I’ve already read in print form, so I have no basis for comparison. I’ll have to give it a try.

    1. ah ha, see, my folks gave me an audible.com membership as a birthday gift the past two years, so i need to make sure i’m going to like the audiobook, which means i usually buy books i’ve already read.

      another favorite is THE WITNESS by nora roberts. i’ve finally been enlightened as to how she’s such a best selling author. she’s brilliant and listening to that story, well, let’s just say i invented reasons to drive around. :)

        1. you did, but that comment sounded like a spam bot. i stand by my earlier statement. and HEY, thanks for commenting TWICE. you rock.

  2. I can’t think of a case where I didn’t like the print but decided to try the audio or vice versa. But I, like you, often buy audiobooks that I’ve already read as print books, and I usually end up falling in love with the book all over again. Yay audiobooks!

    1. i think TRB is the first book i haven’t liked in print but am highly enjoying in audio. i have no clue why it’s having this effect on me, but it is. but again, i must thank you for recommending the audio to me because i’m loving it.

      in fact, i listened to way too much of it this past wknd. i need to stop or i’ll have nothing left to listen on my very long thanksgiving drive…

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