convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #48

i’m talking to strangers?! what in the world?! here’s why.

i dashed into PSB, my mecca, on a brief lunch break. after finding the book i needed (okay, wanted) in record time, i proceeded to wait in the “last days before christmas” long line.

her: i can help you over here.

me: *goes to far side of cash register* *hands over book*

her: *switches to near side of cash register*

me: oh, sorry.

her: don’t worry about it. are you part of our frequent buyer program?

me: sure am. *spells last name* *moves belongings over to near side of register*

her: abigail?

me: yup.

her: from twitter?

me: *eyebrows raised*

her: we have some friends in common, @letterandline and @adicloud. i’m sarah.

me: oh, hi!

her: *tells me the total*

me: *pays* *grabs book* have a good one, sarah.

i had a vague feeling i’d heard about her before when gabbing online with the aforementioned ladies about bookstores and readings and the like, but unfortunately, the caffeine i’d gulped down in too large quantities that morning didn’t leave me with the attention span to do anything other than revel in how famous i felt as i jitterbugged back to my car.

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4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #48”

    1. exact-ta-mundo.

      also, it’s a strange strange world where normal people can feel like celebrities and celebrities get more and more famous. oh, internet. you sassy minx.

  1. it’s great (although a little strange at times) to meet the friends who live in your computer (or in this case the friend of the friends who live in your computer) out in real life :)

    1. it turns out, we had met before at a reading. i think at cheryl strayed’s WILD reading, but my usually spot on memory fell apart this time as it was loaded with christmas and work to do lists. now i know how people feel when i’m like “oh hi. yes, we’ve met before.” ha.

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