i have an issue with expectations and keeping them at a reasonable level, which puts me either way ahead or way behind on the “what’s popular” curve, as i try to get in on things before i have ridiculous expectations or after i’ve given them time to diminish.

what have i done recently to incite such a post? i joined the iphone cult AND the nora roberts fan club.

for the past 2+ years, i’ve been a devoted droid user (sorry brother G). the time came to upgrade and i was insistent on sticking with droid because i liked the user interface and had spent time with the apple user interface on my ipad and found i liked the droid better. i researched phones and found the samsung galaxy III was getting a love of rave reviews.


but then i went into the store to check it out and HOLY SCHNIKEYS. that phone is huge. it’s a man phone, if you can even call it a phone at all. there’s no way i wanted to cart around something bigger than my hand, and none of the other phones appealed to me, so back to square one i went.

over the christmas break, i spent time with people from all areas of my life (family, high school friends, college friends, neighbors) and they ALL had iphones. (well, not brother G.) in the middle of my friend’s engagement party, it hit me. if i had an iphone, i could text with all these people on imessage therefore cutting my text messaging usage by 80%.

much to everyone’s surprise (mine included) i joined the cult when i (with some birthday $ from the folks) purchased the iphone 5 the day before 2013 began. (sorry brother G).

another popular item i hadn’t put much stock into was nora roberts. i’ve read a fair amount of that brand of extraordinarily prolific authors and haven’t been much impressed, so i assumed nora roberts was just like them. i mean, when you’re putting out multiple books a year for decades, how good can they be?


my first indoctrination was the audiobook of THE WITNESS and it’s still my favorite of hers, but every other one i’ve read (THREE FATES) or listened to (CHASING FIRE)  has blown away my expectations. her characters are so richly developed, her settings are vivid, her plots are fast paced and intriguing, and her writing just plain sucks you in.

she also writes the IN DEATH series under the pen name jd robb and if my book hungry gals are to be believed, i’m in for a treat when i start up with those. i should be annoyed with myself for holding out, but this just means there are so many more books available for my reading pleasure.

have you done anything popular or unpopular (lately) and lived to tell the tale? DO SO NOW. or, feel free to lead me into the land of popularity and tell me what else i need to be doing/reading/eating. DO SO NOW.

13 thoughts on “popular”

  1. Hmm. Don’t think my first attempt took. Anyway, I still have a “dumb” phone. I’m not ready for a phone that’s smarter than I am. *grin*

    I’ve read the first of the IN DEATH series (really liked it!), but none she’s written as Nora Roberts. I’m almost afraid to start, because I hear they’re addictive and I don’t have time to read all the books I already have in my TBR pile as it is.

    1. your first attempt was locked up in spam jail, but since this attempt worked, i won’t unleash both comments…. i do appreciate you trying so hard to comment. i don’t know why my blog eats your (and only your) comments.

      anyways, yes, get on with the smart phone! it’s lovely. and great when you’re stuck waiting in lines.

      it’s too late for me. i’m already obsessed with nora roberts and hearing patty and karla rave about the IN DEATH series, i’m just going to dive on in.

            1. i repeat, high and mighty.

              let it be known: I LOVE ANY/ALL COMMENTERS NO MATTER WHAT PART OF THE INTERWEBS THEY COME FROM. well, except the real spam corner. i don’t like those commenters.

  2. Welcome to the iPhone family! We are happy to have you :)

    Popular things, popular things… I went to see two big movies in one week! Because there was so much hype, I was afraid I’d be disappointed, but both were very good. I do recommend The Hobbit in 3D!

    1. *curtsies* thank you!

      you did see two big movies in one week. one of which i saw with you! whee! i don’t know that i care for this splitting up of one book (the hobbit) into three parts, so i very well may wait until all three are out and then gorge on them all together marathon style.

      1. i think two parts would have been sufficient, but i have to say that i think the hobbit warrants the big screen treatment (i didn’t see it in 3-D though).

        1. i do have to say, my TV looks huge compared to the small surroundings of my apartment. does that count as big screen treatment?

  3. The word you’re looking for to describe the Samsung Galaxy III is “phablet”. Yes, I’m still waiting for one family member, just one, to give my employer some love. But even my wife is on the tech-fruit bandwagon. Better than Goog I guess, if I had to choose. But I’m not giving up my crusade.

    Thanks for the shout-outs though.

    1. well, see. i made a step in the right direction: away from goog and over to the tech-fruit. maybe one of these days i’ll step out the window.

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