at the time i’m writing this, the name nemo reminds me of this:

rather than this:

but by the time the day/storm is over that association may very well change.

in other weather news, this video is a lot like my reaction a few years ago when i was walking home from work in the middle of the blizzard and thunder cracked through the sky and my heart.

although, come to think of it, my response might have been a more of AAHHHH, THE WORLD IS ENDING as opposed to the sheer wonder that reporter radiates. i also might have used slightly stronger language than him.

if you’re also in the path of this fishy blizzard, may you be warm and cozy this weekend. if you’re not in the path of this storm, may your weekend be productive and fruitful and may you continue to associate nemo with a fish and not bucket loads of snow.

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4 thoughts on “nemo”

    1. that video never fails to make me laugh and if i ever experience thunder snow again, hopefully i’ll think of this reporter and i’ll laugh instead of cry. :)

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