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the weathermen were proven right and the city, the state, the region fell silent, quiet in the way only a heavy snowfall elicits, as we paused to take stock of what mother nature was capable of.

the loneliness piled up as high and fast as the snowflakes.

i checked on my (multiple) devices, charging those that needed it and braced for the power to go out when my phone flashed an incoming email at me. it was an amazon gift from a twitter friend, but i wasn’t expecting or anticipating it, so i flipped over to twitter to follow the trail of bread crumbs.

jack frost

you see, wendy was holding a timely (and wicked generous) giveaway of her book FROSTED and she had one more copy left.

enter: jessica lemmon (author of TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE) who saw wendy’s tweet and spoke up for my frosty behind. just like that, i was the proud new owner of an e-book, but way more importantly, my loneliness dissipated. the twitter community warmed me as if i was sitting in front of a fire on the hearth. all i needed now were s’mores.

when the snow stopped sometime late the next afternoon, i figured i’d end the indoor isolation by tackling this:

i hope i’m about to dig out the right car…

in the midst of what ended up being a two hour task, i was passed by 7 plow trucks, 10 cars (driving ban, what?) and countless people. a father, mother, son, and their dog stopped to chat.

father: you’re doing an excellent job.

me: oh, thank you! it’s certainly taking long enough.

mother: do you have a [town] parking sticker?

me: yup.

mother: you know you can park your car in one of two garages during a snow emergency, don’t you? then you wouldn’t have to do this!

me: oh, yes, i sort of knew that, but hey, this is good exercise, right?

father: indeed. keep up the good work.

i did have more work in front of me, but with the sense of community warming my veins, the shovel felt lighter and less burdensome.

it was the right car!

and now, to keep the good times rolling, i’m going to pay it forward. since i can’t offer to shovel your sidewalks, i’m going to give away a digital copy of wendy’s FROSTED and jessica’s TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE to two lucky people who comment below. that’s it. there are no other rules. go forth and join my community by commenting!

the winners will be announced on friday february 15th. stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “snOMG”

  1. Ooooooh heyyyyyy big sis :) we had a clinic on Saturday the same day you got attacked by snow and I showed my entire team your car pictures :) the new englanders on the team appreciated your dedication to digging your car out :) we also were given a lesson on how to drive in the snow so stay safe and down shift! :)

    1. woah. look at you up bright and early and commenting on my blog! my only question is, how does one down shift in an automatic car?

        1. is it weird that my first thought after reading D was lacrosse defense and i was like huh? what’s that got to do with the price of eggs? (sorry, WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING line).

          anyways, THANKS. i’ll check my car the next time i’m in it.

    1. i loved pebbsie’s description of my car looking like a drowning bug! and yes, i was able to save it from drowning, phew. i was not able to save my arms from feeling like noodles though. :/

  2. SnOMG, for realz! Your poor back! Your poor car! But how nice are all those helpy neighbors? ^_^
    Also, this post made me mist up. *sniffle* *blink blink* I have to go now before I embarrass myself. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! ;-)

    1. on my street, there’s parking on both sides, but fortunately there wasn’t anyone parked on the side opposite mine, so that’s where i piled the snow.

    1. I agree. I like snow, but just a dusting, just enough to make everything look fresh and clean and new. There’s no need for 26″ at a time!

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