convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #51

i am talking to strangers?! what? why?

my brain was full of to do lists and errands to run and upcoming bills and author names and that cute boy who got his haircut before me and things to pack and get there faster and family members and trips and sicknesses and concerts and what to wear and which suitcase to use and rushing, rushing, rushing.

the glow from the girl’s phone illuminated not only her coat but the fact she was directly in my path.

both my brain and my body halted.

well, my brain did. there was too much momentum behind me to slow my body that fast. i shifted to the left. she shifted to her right. i moved to the right as she moved to the left. i went up on my tiptoes to avoid crashing into her as we yet again unintentionally blocked each other’s paths.

forced into a conversation, my brain solidified, which was much better than the meltdown it was just in.

her: SORRY!

me: SORRY!

laughing, we paused long enough to pick separate paths and continued on our ways. my brain resumed its frantic pace, as did my feet. i churned through errands until i found myself in the exact. same. situation. but this time, it was on two different sides of a door.

giving in first, i pulled away, as did the other girl.


i reached for the door at the same time as the other girl.

i paused. looked. focused.

it was me.

i was doing the “we’re trying to walk the same route” dance with my reflection.

laughing, i burst through the door and out of my muddled, mashed up thoughts.

p.s. i want to squeeze the noodles out of all of you who entered the contest on tuesday’s post! that said, there can only be two winners and they are: EMILY AND JULIE! (thank you, ladies, check your emails for details. :)

6 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #51”

  1. That’s a great image :) shows you how our past experiences shape our new ones ;) and thanks! I was so surprised, didn’t think I would win!!! Yay for books!!!! Also you should read SCARLET. I will bring it at Easter :)

    1. i was equally surprised (and pleased) to see your name pop up. i hope you enjoy your new book. let me know how you like it. :)

      oh, goody. i’ve been wanting to read SCARLET, but knew you had a copy and so i’ve been holding out. also, re: Easter, well, i’ll email you.

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