family sayings

being a part of a large family, going anywhere all together is a production and a half. we’re all arms and legs and hair not dried and makeup not applied. everyone is ready at different times. some are rushing, some are waiting, some are sleeping. others have to pee one more time. someone forgot to pack a necessary food or drink item. that person is reading. someone else forgot the tickets or their phone and has to run back inside. another person decided their coat was too heavy or too light and a trade needed to be made or more hats/gloves/scarves grabbed. activities here and there and let’s run a quick errand first and all the things (!) until we’re piled in the car(s) eons after we originally wanted to leave.

and we’re off like a herd of turtles.

(yes, that really is the mumford family motto. yes, we really do say it all the time. yes, it really does make us laugh and yet groan at the truth of it.)

do you have any family sayings or habits or traditions? DO TELL.

*pulls up chair*



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4 thoughts on “family sayings”

  1. I can just picture that image of chaos! My family is not nearly as big, but even for us it’s a production to get going… I can’t even imagine the commotion in yours :)
    A family saying… I can’t think of a saying, but the one thing that comes to mind is that my family, with my aunt and uncle’s family have a habit of prolonged goodbyes after a visit. When people get up to leave is when the most important topics come up for discussion. And after 30-45 minutes at the door, everyone in their coats, the conversation always ends with, “let’s talk on the phone later to sort out the details.” :)

    1. i was hoping you’d have some grand bulgarian saying, but the “let’s talk on the phone later to sort out the details” is charming in its own right and makes me realize how small the world is. families are similar in their love, even if they speak a language other than english.

      i also love your “let’s talk later” because it implies the desire to see each other again is rampant and will be fulfilled.

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