convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #56

i sometimes converse with strangers. here’s why.

cashier: do you want paper or plastic?

me: plastic’s fine.

cashier (to bagger): she said plastic is fine, indeedy. i’m just going add indeedy to the end of every sentence.

bagger: that’s cool, indeedy.

cashier: to be or not to be. that is the question, indeedy.

cashier (to me): do you have your shaw’s card? it’ll save you a lot of money, indeedy.

me: *eavesdrops* *grins* *hands over card*

bagger (to cashier): wrap that chicken in a separate bag, indeedy.

cashier: i know how to do my job, indeedy.

bagger: i’m just reminding you, dude. i mean, indeedy.

cashier (to me): do you want some coupons along with your receipt?

me: yes, indeedy.

i walked off with the memory of the cashier’s delighted face imprinted on my brain. sometimes, you just have to liven up those mundane errands.

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