happy birthday, nephew L

brother G and SILM”s youngest is 5 today. happy birthday, L!

as a fellow third child, i feel quite connected to this little man, even if he lives on the west coast and i live on the east. even if he’s got the awesomest curly hair and mine is stick straight. even if he’s a boy and i’m a girl. even if he’s 5 and i’m, well, not. even if he’s short and i’m tall (he’s predicted to be well over 6 feet tall, so i have to use this while i still can.) even if he’s just starting school and i’ve been done with all levels longer than he’s been alive. even if he likes pineapple and i don’t. even if he’s wicked good at video games and i’m not.

okay, so maybe the only things we have in common are our genes, our birth order, and our lack of bravery when it comes to trying new foods.

either way, he’s a grand kid and i truly hope his year 5 is as unique as his fashion sense:


happy day, L!! i can’t wait to give you a proper birthday hug next month.

6 thoughts on “happy birthday, nephew L”

    1. the mismatched everything is adorkable!! he and baby mac have similar tastes in mixing patterns and colors…

  1. You both also have a way with words – you as evidenced by this wonderful post. L as evidenced by his dinner statement, “Now that I’m 5, I like the ladies.”

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