having the last name i do + a popular band with the same name = i’ve been picking up comments left and right…

“do you have any sons?”

“your kids are pretty talented.”

“you should have some daughters.”

you’re not related to mumford and sons, are you?

of course, within the family, we have our own comments, such as “and we’re off, like a herd of turtles.”

and in other parts of my name, when you add the “dear” salutation in front of my first name, it becomes immediate fodder for advice. i can’t tell you the number of times i’ve opened an email to see “dear abby… (sorry, couldn’t resist.)”

does your first or last or middle name or any combination thereof inspire others to make silly or serious remarks to you?

2 thoughts on “names”

  1. I’m SO disappointed you’re not related to the band. *grin*

    Can’t say as my name has inspired any silly remarks. I have to rely on my face for that. ;)

    1. re: your first comment. it would be fun to be related to someone famous. i still could be, but it won’t be that band. :)

      re: your second comment. HA.

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