random acts of kindness

in the midst of a thundercloud, acts of kindness tiny as raindrops can be missed. it’s a good thing i’ve stepped out from under the umbrella.

in puddle #1: my dad dropped off and picked up a dress of mine at the dry cleaners. he also stopped by to see when it would be ready. that’s three extra trips on my behalf.

in puddle #2: my friend N shopped at my favorite book store and when asked if he was part of their regular customer program, he gave my name. essentially, he gave my account credit for buying his book and i’m that much closer to a $7 off coupon.

in puddle #3: sister E let me taste some of her limited amounts of sun tea. it was surprisingly delicious. she also went on walks with me in the scorching 90+ degree heat, did push-ups and squats and lunges by my side, introduced me to the best new sunscreen (sawyer brand), and watched over me when i had an allergic reaction to grass.

in puddle #4: my friend R offered to let me watch season 1 of the walking dead at her house because i’m too scared to watch it alone.

in puddle #5: with a simple comment, my friend A gave me some much needed honesty which reflected a bad habit i was only semi-conscious of.

in puddle #6: a crossfit coach took the time to diagnose my issue with tipping forward during any type of squat and then figured out how to remedy it, all without making me feel lame.

in puddle #7: my friend M listened, commiserated, and then pushed me out of my comfort zone.

thank you all for being so kind and generous and wonderful.

2 thoughts on “random acts of kindness”

  1. I watched my first episode of The Walking Dead last night. SO SCARY! I was with my cousins….I made them follow up with an episode of Portlandia so I didn’t have immediate nightmares when I closed my eyes :)

    1. I was the biggest wuss during the pilot episode of THE WALKING DEAD and I wouldn’t even take the season 1 DVD pack with me. And as I walked to the T that night, I thought everyone was a zombie! But then I had to eat a bit of crow the next day b/c I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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