convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #62

strangers? yup, i talk to them. here’s why.

it had been a busy day full of glorious weather and workouts and errands and me, just me. it was a quiet day. i only talked to six total people, but for once, i was okay with that. i needed to recharge my batteries.

having completed my TO DO list, i was headed back to my apartment and i had no plans to leave it once i’d entered. maybe it was the impending solitude. maybe it was her fashion sense, but as the girl walked towards me, i spoke up.

me: i like your dress.

her: *looks up from typing on phone* *is startled* thank you!

i wasn’t sure if she was headed to meet friends, meet a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or perhaps a first date, but the dress was darling and i wanted to pass along some of the sunshine i was feeling. i liked to think she walked a bit brighter to her destination.

i know i did.

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2 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #62”

    1. It’s funny how passing on that comment made my day too. Spreading sunshine has a way of lighting up all people.

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