4 thoughts on “2.14.14”

  1. For much of yesterday I didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. At work some folks brought in cupcakes with red sprinkles. That was about it. Then I went to the local bike shop to visit some old friends who didn’t know I was back in town for a work project. They thought I was 1,200 miles away in Texas. They gave me the tightest hugs I have had in a while. The kind my dad gives me. They invited me to stay for dinner. Mid meal I realized that I was crashing their Valentine’s Day. They said they didn’t mind. They told me how hard the past few months had been for their family. I listened and learned about health problems I didn’t know existed. And saw how much love they had for each other and for me. I don’t know why I am telling you all of this. But it felt like the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. Around people who love you. No matter the relationship. I look forward to the day we can catch up over wine again soon.

    1. There must have been something in the frosty, snowy air because this is the first valentine’s day where I too felt like it was a day to share love of all kinds, not just with the one you’re romancing. It was refreshing and perfect and it’s the type of holiday I can get behind.

      I can’t wait for the day when it’s you, me, a bottle of wine, and I can give you a tight hug, like the ones your dad gives.

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