a micro return

after an extended absence (and a push from an unexpected source), i’ve decided to return to this little corner of the interwebs.


it’s not going to be as structured or regimented (posts every tuesday/friday) as before. in fact, i’m only going to post when i get the whim. or the whimsy. just some snippets of my brain. figurative, guys, not literal snippets of my brain because gross.

i’m not going to put pressure on me to write (or you to write in the comments section below) (ahem), but hopefully the act of putting words in a public sphere will kick my butt into gear because they do say the secret to writing is writing.

spoiler alert!

words words words practice words.

let’s do this!


14 thoughts on “a micro return”

    1. grimes! we can return to the blogesphere together. or if not, you could just send me more ciel. *shamless groveling*

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