it’s tuesday, but at noon, i’d only had two sips of my coffee and by three, i finally made it upstairs to grab my lunch. it might as well have been a monday.

sister E texted: “how have we not spoken since september?” i cringed at the day job work and school work and life work piled around me. it’s no excuse, but it is the reason. one of her favorite authors was speaking at my favorite local bookstore and books are our love language and i wanted nothing more than to go and take notes for her, but instead, i had to go and take notes at class. we settled for brief bursts of textual updates.

i called my grandmother after class, just like i do every tuesday. it was the first time i was still. my mind focused on bringing cheer to the call because that’s all she asks of me. that and to come out to CO for a visit. her voice crackles. i’m not sure if it’s the connection or her 93 years. she blames the “blasted phone.” every time.

“can you see the moon?” maga says. “it’s a great, big, full one tonight.”

i’ll sleep well tonight knowing we’re all tucked in under it.

8 thoughts on “tuesday”

  1. I love this! I figured you must be busy from how little we get to talk anymore but I am glad you are still able to talk with Maga. She is amazing and I love being able to talk with her!!

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