the day started as all weekdays do: hitting the snooze button one too many times and then, shower. hot water cascaded down and the thoughts piled higher than the steam. i pondered how many pastries to buy for brunch the next day and which open houses i should go to and how will i get there and should i drive or take public transportation to try and simulate my work commute and is my library book still on hold and should i go sunday or monday and oh wait, monday’s a holiday so they’re closed and that’ll be a good day to do homework and i hope the weather’s nice, but not too nice because i have to do laundry and then i blinked.

it’s friday.

not this upcoming weekend.

with an emotional crash, i was brought back to reality. i have to go to work. today. now. but, woah, that really felt like it was saturday and i was planning my weekend errands and holy cow, i just came back from the future. i invented time travel!

this is going to be a good day.

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