tuesdays that are mondays and mondays that are tuesdays and trying to get all the work done in every direction. filling in the gaps during a coworker’s absence makes every day feel strange. what day of the week is it? does it matter? as long as the work gets done.

“S’MORES!” came the call down the hallway. i love s’mores as consistently and deeply as i hate pineapple. “Outside!” they said and i joined the parade of my coworkers from surrounding offices. a mini fire pit on the new patio plus two coworkers with proper tastebuds and generous hearts multiplied by one coworker who’s never had a s’more divided by all those of us who have equals smokey memories old and new.

some marshmallows were golden. most were charred. just like every monday. or was it tuesday?

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2 Responses to “weekdays”

  1. Sister J Says:

    S’mores at work? I am jealous! And now want smores!

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