thoughts raining from the clouds

i always burn my tongue whenever i’m eating pizza or soup. always. you’d think i’d learn. today is a soup day, though, all soggy and dreary and chilly bones. two days of a tender, burned tongue is a fair trade for warmth and coziness amidst a gray day.

a friend is coming to visit this weekend which means joy, excitement, fun, and before that, all the cleaning. i’d call myself a tidy person, but not necessarily a neat person. dusting is truly annoying and vacuuming pointless. dishes, however, i never let sit. they’re a pain to wash meal in and meal out, and so letting them sit is the worst offense of all because then the food, crumbs, and stains grow into the plates and pots and pans and that’s no match for a sponge. dishes get done immediately in my household.

we’re nearing the workshop portion of my class and the fears i’d thought i’d set aside are blinking themselves awake.

and yet, i’m also considering submitting a piece to an online journal. my teacher said we should aim for rejection so if you get something else, it’s a pleasant surprise and if you don’t, you’ve reached your goal. the only time my writing’s ever received a yes was when i applied to the MFA program.

5 thoughts on “thoughts raining from the clouds”

    1. also. think of all the publishers who rejected j.k. rowling. bet they’re sorry now… so sometimes rejection isn’t the end of the world (although it does hurt like it). just keep that in mind.

  1. Why is it so hard to learn to not burn my tongue?!? Seriously after all these years you would think I would learn!!

    And definitely submit your article!!

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