the heavy cloud coverage kept my room dark and too many nights in a row of too little sleep kept me in bed too long this morning. after waking up from falling accidentally back to sleep post alarm, i hustled through my morning routine. i was interrupted by a text from my boss who is not in the country. it was a semi-frantic text, which matched my own semi-panicked morning.

him: My phone isn’t working internationally. Could to talk to it asap.

me: Talk or text?

him: No cell service at all. I’m on wifi at the moment…

he continued on with details as i pondered why he wanted me to call his phone but kept giving me details about how it wasn’t working and what he’d tried to do so far. it wasn’t until i was in the middle of drying my hair that i realized he meant IT the department not it the phone. he wanted me to talk to the help desk on his behalf, not call him. everything made sense now. i quickly texted him i officially understood the problem despite my original question sounding like i knew what was going on…side note: i’m so lucky to have a boss who laughs at my moments of stupidity instead of docks me for them.

now that my brain was no longer scrambled, it was time for eggs and emailing the help desk. then, when i could avoid it for no longer, i walked to work in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella. maybe the IT department will take pity on my soaked clothes and prioritize helping my boss with his international crisis.

2 thoughts on “scrambled”

    1. it’s mostly straightened out…as much as I can help, which is to say not much. and yes, eventually i dried out, but i’m not looking forward to the walk home in the rain. :/

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