october noises

a hideous screeching vibrating wailing screaming came through my radiator. louder and louder. i froze. if i moved, would my whole floor collapse? i tiptoed out into the hall where other curious coworkers asked what was going on. “i think we’re going to die,” i said. G, who gets startled just from running into people in the hall, said, “i’m going to go figure it out,” and walked into the dark stairwell. “i’m not going down there,” i said, but helpfully turned on the light. this was an october noise. nothing good could come of it.

i’m supposed to be in charge while my boss is away. guess the bosslady badge doesn’t come with courage.

G reported back they were putting up a light fixture in the mailroom. the noise we heard was drilling.

a new bagel shop opened up yesterday. i need to test it to see if my “i only get bagels in NJ” rule stands or if i can make an exception.

i am a “woman with the hips for laughter.”

4 thoughts on “october noises”

  1. Bagels outside of NJ?!? Sacrilege!! Jk. If you find some good ones will you ship a dozen my way? If not I will wait till Christmas I guess :)

    Oh and I wouldn’t have gone looking for the cause of the noise either. As the boss I would have delegated the responsibility so I was able to continue to remain in control of the overall situation ;)

    1. the verdict is that no one can touch our local NJ bagel shop. we’ll have to wait until Christmas and the. I’m eating one every morning I’m home.

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