o man

i spent all saturday with my friends’ son (and my friends too). we looked at pumpkins and apples and llamas and we read and we rolled around in the grass and i hung him upside down and he chased me and we played soccer and we laughed and giggled and laughed and laughed. he asked “why?” i said “because it’s nap time because the sun says yes because i can because you can because i searched for animals because she’s your sister because you’re a big boy because my arms are tired because that’s what my grandpa taught me because you win because your mom asked you too because don’t move because you’ll get sand everywhere because you’re silly because i’m wearing boots because i said cheese because i’m tired because you’re making me laugh because i don’t know where that is because we shouldn’t tell your mom or dad because i live too far away from my nieces and nephews so i’m adopting you as my local nephew.”

i gave him some cider donut and red velvet cupcake. (i told his parents.) he tucked his hand in mine. i fell in love with him all over again.


2 thoughts on “o man”

  1. And this is why I so wish we live closer! I am glad he gets you as his adopted aunt but wish mine could have these experiences more often!! He is a lucky boy.

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