morning glory

maybe it’s the street lights blazing outside my window all night every night. maybe it’s mother nature. maybe it’s just this time of year. whatever it is, i’m tired of light pouring in all night only to wake up to a dark morning.

getting out of bed is as easy as crawling out of cement.

jealousy is the sibling of low self esteem and together they’re a terrible monster living under the bed.

i bought an umbrella from CVS. it has a “lifetime guarantee.” i’m pretty sure they define lifetime as a simple drizzle on a non-windy day. death occurs when wind reaches 4mph and/or raindrops have a diameter of more than 1/2″ and/or it’s used on more than one occasion.

6 thoughts on “morning glory”

  1. I love that you are blogging again! I love reading these little notes about everything and nothing.
    “Getting out of bed is as easy as crawling out of cement” — YES! I know how that feels.
    Also, fuck jealousy. We don’t need that monster. Let’s just ignore it.

    1. this version of blogging is surprisingly like therapy. i write out the emotions, hit publish, and then continue on with things. if it’s bad emotions, i can move on. if it’s good emotions, i’m surrounded by the warm memory of them. :)

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