me: the options are a cortisone shot or for the doctor to go in and remove the chip. i refuse to have more surgery. refuse! so, the shot’s my only option at this point. could you tell me about your experience?

him: cortisone shot, huh? i’ve had worse pain and it made my knees 80% better by the next day. i can feel it wearing off, sure, but i walked all the way around the neighborhood yesterday. it was definitely worth it. people say it’s up there on the pain scale, but for me, it was like a 6.

me: is it the needle or the fluid going in that’s the bad part?

him: the fluid and well, also the needle, but remember with my knees, the needle is a lot longer than what would be used on your toe.

me: i still can’t believe i re-injured myself. UGH. i’m so stupid. this is so so frustrating. sooooo frustrating.

him: you have to forgive yourself.

last night i ran for 15 minutes. slowly. painfully. it was the longest/furthest i’d gone since my foot surgery six months ago. each step radiated needles and concrete and bright pain through my toe across the ball of my foot down through the arch and up to my knee, but, each step was one closer to forgiveness.

2 thoughts on “advice”

  1. Oh Abs! I am so sorry you are having to deal with this!! If you go for the shot I hope it is painless and fixes the issue. I am proud of you for running so far and pushing through the pain but don’t hurt it more. Xoxo

    1. i’m never sure if this is a pain to work through, get used to, or tell the doc about…6 months and counting.

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