the news i’ve been dreading and hoping for in equal measures has finally dropped:

THE SCORPIO RACES is to be made into a movie.

the conflict raging in my head: this is my favorite book in the world (yes, yes, i’ve said it. it’s true.). i re-read or listen to this book at least once a year. sometimes twice. the beauty of the book is in the way maggie stiefvater commands the english language. every single word is there for a reason. a very specific reason. every single character is flesh and blood and bone and in every chamber of my heart. i’ve imagined thisby and sean and puck and george holly and the capaill uisce and finn and dove so many times and they’re mine. all mine.

if it gets turned into a movie, someone else will write the screenplay. someone else will bring thisby to life. someone else will be sean and puck and george holly and it won’t be built on the foundation that maggie stiefvater shoved into my brain.

i’m not sure i’m ready to see that thisby.

and yet.

and yet.

and yet, this story, stark in its telling but lush in its living, is meant to be on-screen.

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