chip and cracks, when in china or a sidewalk, tell tales of use and family gatherings and parties, but when they’re in your bone? the tale takes a decidedly depressing air filled with pain and limping.

does the reveal of the truth make something more true or is it enough for you and only you to know it?

my search for a good umbrella continues feverishly as i’ve been stuck twice now in the middle of a rainstorm with an umbrella that looked more like a spider than a shield. PSA: don’t buy an umbrella from CVS. that “lifetime warranty”? not true. i bought an umbrella last week, opened it once, and then went to use it yesterday and two of the metal spokes were permanently bent. FOR NO REASON. as i walked to the square, the mere suggestion of a breeze caused the other spokes to crumple up. why isn’t there a compact umbrella that’s sturdy and portable and keeps you dry? why? why? why? why can europe create amazing, useful, solid umbrellas, but the US can’t?

do a google image search for mammatus clouds.


2 Responses to “friday”

  1. Adriana Cloud (@adicloud) Says:

    If you find that sturdy compact umbrella, will you please let me know? I’m having umbrella woes too. XO

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