everything in my life seems to be leaking, dripping, filling up with water. my kitchen sink, which i use for everything since my bathroom sink has next to no water pressure, has been rendered useless because the pipes underneath leak. also, my toilet runs (again). my landlord is in the opposite of a hurry to fix either problem despite the fact his wife assures me he’ll be there as soon as possible. my car (when parked outside in a nor’easter or hurricane) allows water in on the driver’s side. there are no visible holes to allow such water in, but this never happened until a tree branch fell on my car and dented my roof… i don’t know how to fix it. i don’t even know how to clean up the water because it’s so much and paper towels / beach towels don’t stand up to the job. will mold and/or mushrooms grow in my car?

*opens umbrella* *realizes leaks are coming from the ground, not the sky* *closes umbrella*

i thought this was all stuff adults were supposed to know how to do? maybe i was absent that day.

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