10 stages of sunshine

after yesterday’s rain clouds, the (metaphorical) sun is shining today. it’s been a long time coming, but oh how bright those rays are.

the backstory:

(1) back in early march, i read this post and loved the message so much, i quickly sent it to adriana and commissioned her to write me a poem because i needed to imprint the message of “love yourself. fight for yourself…love is not the end all be all. LIFE is” on my brain.

(2) she accepted and in late march created me this.

(3) <333

(4) i saved the link on my phone and i read the poem daily.

(5) i mentioned on twitter than i wanted/needed someone to design this so i could print it out and frame those gorgeous words.

(6) a local solution arrived in the form of heather. she was taking a letterpress class this semester and had been pondering final project ideas when she saw my shout into the ether.

(7) she accepted and over the course of the past few weeks created me this:


(8) <333

(9) i can hardly stand the beauty, the hard work, the talent of my friends. i want to shout about them from the rooftops and from all corners of the internet until i lose my voice and all your hear are the echoes in your heart.

(10) now i have to find a frame and a nail and a hammer because this baby’s getting hung in my apartment. *looks up youtube videos on how to hang something*

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