there was an off leash dog named echo running joyfully across the grassy field towards the other dog. “echo, come back!” the other dog’s owner was in a hurry and didn’t have time to stop. echo’s owner called after him, but he ignored the human in favor of someone like him.

echo! come here!




i’m in an adult-level situation involving a tropical storm, a branch, a dent, a nor’easter, puddles in my car, and car insurance. i’ve done steps one and two. step three involves an appraisal.

me: i’d like to schedule an appraisal.

him: no you don’t.

me: what?

him: you just bring your car in during our office hours.

me: *looks at noticeably slim available times*

him: we’re not the insurance company. we’re an independent contractor, so if our hours don’t work for you, you’ll have to call your insurance company and get them to send someone out because we can’t just come out to your car.

me: oh, okay. this is the first time i’ve ever had to file a claim so i wasn’t sure of the proper process. i see you’re open tomorrow morning, which will work for me. see you then.

here’s hoping the echos of adulthood i’m projecting today still linger tomorrow.

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