sometimes hitting “call” is the hardest button because the vulnerability needed was choking me. i hit the button with shaking fingers and was met with kindness.

“talk to yourself like you would a friend. you wouldn’t tell your friend to eat junk or stay up at all hours or keep doing the thing(s) that are stressing them out.”

“just because you disappoint someone doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. sometimes it’s on them.”

“it’s a response. tell your body you’re in control. it’s okay to feel, but remind yourself the overdose of feelings isn’t necessary or permanent.”

“this is a good step, but there are phases. you need to find your new normal and if you find you need to go back, that is more than okay. you’re okay.”

the advice she gave me was heartfelt, hard won, and honest, but it was more about the way she prioritized me in between her hectic hours as a mom, a wife, and a woman. it’s not often i reach out, so i was fortunate she grabbed hold because the dose of love she prescribed was filled and taken over the course of one phone call.

6 thoughts on “Rx”

  1. it’s amazing how hard it is for people who put so much love out into the world to ask for it when it’s needed. thank you for your bravery and for writing. (big hugs)

    1. thank you! this is the sweetest message to a post i was merely writing so i’d remember all the good advice that had been bestowed upon me.

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