dating advice

this just in from a coworker:

“[Retired Coworker] and I were talking about books we’re reading and he said in book 2 of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle there’s this scene where Knausgaard is talking on his phone on a train and the train lurches forward and the phone flies out of his hand and into the purse of the woman across from him. It turns out the woman, and the man she is with, is an Israeli spy, so they think he’s dropped his phone in her bag on purpose to spy on them. So [Retired Coworker] said, “That’d be a pretty good way to meet someone.”

Just saying, if you don’t like your current options for boyfriend shopping, this could be a new one.

*cautiously adds to list of things to try*

2 thoughts on “dating advice”

  1. Ha! That would be an interesting way to meet someone although hopefully you wouldn’t be accused of being a spy!

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