grumble grumble grumble

that moment when your landlord calls to say he’s at your apartment and has “tried everything” but can’t find the leak under the kitchen sink and when you explain exactly what you’ve witnessed (left side, the horizontal diamond shaped knob) and he goes “oh the hot water.” how is only running the cold water “trying everything”?

that moment when you’ve offered on four condos and have been beat out on all four by cash offers or offers that waive all contingencies and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford a place to call your own where you deal with the leaks under the kitchen sink on your own.

that moment you count the days and figure out it’s been 35 days of your car in the shop having been listed at totaled, not totaled, again and again, and you wonder when the madness will stop?

that moment you work up a sweat pulling on freshly laundered jeans just to remember your local gym is closed for the (extended university) holiday and you work up a sweat pulling on freshly laundered jeans.

that moment where tuesday is wearing its monday costume.

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