the forecast calls for ALL THE SNOW and lack of all the power, so i’ve been making lots of ice.

if the power does go out, i’ll need to fill my cooler and thermal bag with cold products and the extra ice will help them to think big, to think like a refrigerator. i also plan to cook a large batch of pasta tonight, smear in some pesto, toss in some peppers and meatballs, and eat it cold if i lose power. a “go bag” will be packed because plan A.2 / B is to trudge through the blizzard and hang out at C’s house because a blizzard when you live alone? lonely and sad and cold.

i also bought nutella because every forecasted blizzard deserves a treat.

i’ve mentally picked out which books i’ll be reading if i don’t have power and if work is canceled.

and so, the wait for snow for action for boredom for fear for laughs for cold for loneliness for anxiety for a dirty world smoothed out by white begins.

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