the items i carried over to R’s apartment so i could hunker down and wait out the blizzard with a friendly face by my side:

3.5 portions of pesto pasta
pretzel rods
peanut butter
english muffins
2 ziploc bags of lettuce
salad dressing
2 granola bars
saltine crackers
2 sam lites
3 harpoon long thaw white IPAs
1 bengali tiger IPA
2 bottles red wine
4 tea bags
6 ziploc bags of ice
water bottle
1 hardcover book
1 paperback book
snow boots
winter hat
layers of clothes

that fit into one backpack, one thermal /cooler bag, and one segmented beverage bag. it was as heavy as it sounds and I’ve never been so grateful to see the orange lights of the bus and then hear the squealing brakes of T and to climb three flights of stairs to R’s apartment where i could unload, literally and figuratively.

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