this winter has granted me quite the education.

snow farms do exist. their main and only crop is snow. all the snow. oh, and cranes and bobcats to move it around.

there are machines designed to melt snow when the sun and mother nature don’t work fast enough.

the colder the temperature, the fluffier the snow.

the term blizzard refers to visibility conditions, not the amount of snow. it just so happens the two usually correlate.

@growingwisdom is a rock star meteorologist who explains in great detail the hows and whys of what he’s forecasting.

in the middle of extreme weather people are a bit nicer. they are gentler and more accommodating as they step aside to let you pass in the skinny sidewalks or point out icy / slushy conditions or wish you a safe journey. the longer the weather stays, the shorter everyone’s patience becomes. the higher the snow piles up, the lower everyone’s spirits fall. the skinnier the roads and sidewalks get, the fatter everyone’s anger becomes.

this article. (link via N’s website.)

i’m ready for an education in sunshine.

2 thoughts on “snow-cabulary”

  1. We just got another ten inches day before yesterday. I know that’s nothing compared to what you’ve gotten slammed with this winter, but ugh. I’m sick of winter, too. Bring on the spring!

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