convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #111

2.18.15, in very long line at CVS

man: *holds up card* women are so wordy. we men need few words. we’re simple.

me: yes, you can really see the difference in the “for him” “for her” sections.

a couple walks in. husband: let’s go. i’m not waiting in that line.

wife: you need your prescription. get in line.

husband: *gets in line*

man: *shakes head* *laughs*

wife: i guess i was a bit bossy, huh?

man (to the wife): i’m just having flashbacks.
(to me): i told you we’re simple creatures. she says do this and men are like *nods head*.

me: *chuckles*

man: i’ve got a wife and 2 daughters at home.

me: so you’re well trained then.

oh the people you meet and lessons you learn while running errands!

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