After a few mishaps with our phone connection, Maga and I persevered. I regaled her with tales of my recent trip to Nashville, a city I’d never been to before but will absolutely positively definitely be visiting again.

“I didn’t travel much when I was young. Nana and I went to the Cape for summers, but that was it. We didn’t travel like you do.”

“But, Maga, I’m not that young.”

“Yes, you are.”

“I mean, yes, relatively speaking, but when you were 35, you were married and traveling all over the world with Jobo.”

“I guess you’re right. When you put it like that…I’m just sorry my travelings are over now. I guess that happens when you’re 95.”

“Yes, but you went all over the world before now. Think of ALL those memories.”

“And pictures. I have a little bit of everything. I’m lucky in that regard. I’m told your mom did a good job cleaning the house this weekend. I hope she didn’t throw away the picture albums.”

“No. She wouldn’t do that without your consent.”

“I moved there in 1954. How long ago was that?”

“62 years.”

“And to think of all the stuff I’ve accumulated in that length of time.”

Wisdom. Grace. A sense of humor. Social skills. A broad world view. Love. An ever expanding family. Fortunately none of those can be accidentally thrown away.

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